The Coinlegit Story

It’s great that you want to know more about us. Let’s get started.

As you have already stumbled over to this page, let me give you a sneak peek into “The Coinlegit journey”. We are a curious bunch and want to explore deeper into the topics we love the most, such as FinTech News, market movements, the buzz around Crypto, and the bull & bears of the trading world.

Why Were We Born?

We were born in 2017 with one simple goal: to offer the most reliable and informative financial news stories, the best “how to guides”, and the most in-depth reviews of the top providers within crypto, blockchain technology, and financial services. We then feed this information to our fellow enthusiasts who are curiously browsing through our site.

Our Evolution

Whether you are simply looking to read up on the latest happenings in the financial space, or if you’re looking for guides, articles and tutorials, you’ll find it all here. We cover all notable crypto news stories daily, including cryptocurrency price fluctuations, regulatory stories and much more.

Our team of financial experts are also on hand to provide you with all the information you need to get into trading or develop your knowledge. As well as in-depth guides and tutorials, we also provide reviews of the best trading and investment platforms in the online space. Our website caters to both newbies to professional investors.

We are still evolving every day, so watch this space!

Our Values

  • Be curious. We question everything, and always look for a way to make the world better. Without curiosity, Satoshi Nakamoto would have never created Bitcoin.
  • Be individual. The central premise of crypto is to give power back to individuals, and we believe this should extend beyond our financial lives.
  • Be a team player. We’re powerful as individuals, but we’re even stronger together. We collaborate voluntarily to help each other grow.
  • Be positive. Hope beats cynicism every time. We strive to be the light that shines in the darkness, and we don’t mind having a laugh along the way. 
  • Be relentless. Where would we be if the pioneers of crypto gave up at the first sign of hardship? We relish difficulty, as this is where we grow the most.

How We Do It

We work with some of the top journalists, market analysts, and writers in the financial space to ensure we bring you top-of-the-range content. Our experienced in-house editorial team reviews all the work produced by our contributors before publishing it, ensuring everything you read on Coinlegit is precise, thoroughly research, and up-to-the-minute.

Company Information and Address

Coinlegit is owned and managed by Staidly Ltd, an online marketing company based in London, UK. Company no.14074905.


10 Melon Rd, Peckham, London -SE15 5QN, UK.

Email address

To get in touch, please contact hello or visit our contact us page.

Editorial Policy

Coinlegit provides accurate, reliable, and current news pieces and articles. All the content on our website is well researched and unbiased. We have a large team of journalists and contributors, and all work is fact-checked by our in-house editorial team before being published.

All quotes and statistics featured on Coinlegit are reliable and backed up by sources. The advice and review content on our website is regularly updated to reflect any changes in the financial space.

Advertising Policy

We want anyone to be able to access our content, so to help keep Coinlegit free, some of our pages are accompanied by commercial advertising and sponsorship.

All the agreements we hold we commercial partners are purely financial. The companies we work with have no say in what we cover or how we cover it, so all the information we display is completely transparent, unbiased, and based on facts and the professional opinions of our writers. In other words, you can trust us.

If you are interested in advertising on Coinlegit, please pop us an e-mail at hello